For your well-being

The health of your hair deeply affects your general well-being. For this reason, our natural shampoos and radicchio-based lotions, thanks to their rebalancing effect on your body and mind, are good for you and for your hair.

Hand-made, natural, with zero-carbon-footprint extracts, the result of a long and constant research, Mario Lorenzin hair treatments embody a new wellness concept and foster a new conscious, environmentally-friendly and healthy lifestyle.


We are aware of the unique quality of handmade goods and of the importance of traditions.
For this reason, for your well-being, our hair products are made with skilled craftsmanship, inspired by tradition, monk recipes and ancient herbalism.
Our careful work is a precious added value.


We are aware of Nature’s power and energy, of the way it generously offers plant-based products rich in nutrients and beneficial for our body and mind.
For this reason, for your well-being, radicchio is at the heart of our treatments. Cultivated and hand-picked in “Marca Gioiosa” gardens, while respecting people, the environment and Nature, radicchio is macerated and extracted with a zero-carbon-footprint to preserve its active principles.


We are aware of green ingredients’ benefits and virtues.
For this reason, for your well-being, all the ingredients of our natural products are plant-based, fresh and healthy. They come from selected raw materials who have not been chemically processed and preserve all of their active principles.
Vegan friendly, our natural products are free from useless substances: sulphates, silicones, parabens, petrolatum and colouring agents.


We are aware of how using healthy and environmentally-friendly products is important for your health and well-being.
For this reason, our Research & Development Department is always in turmoil, and it has designed the new Mario Lorenzin Natural Line: natural shampoos and lotions, produced only with natural ingredients, to live in better harmony and spread a new wellness concept.