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The RINASCITA Radicchio Lotion is a hydroalcoholic infusion that is made using the traditional techniques for creating herbal remedies and holds an international patent. It has been produced by our family since 1975; its secret recipe handed down from generation to generation. A prepared mixture of radicchio is put in special tanks for over 90 days and processed while undergoing cold infusion.
The lotion, when decanted and filtered, is saturated in vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and trace elements: active ingredients derived naturally from the fresh vegetable.
The RINASCITA Radicchio Lotion is free from added chemical compounds, preservatives, colourings and perfumes. Through specific hygienic and dermo-cosmetic activity it creates the conditions needed by the scalp to regain its balance and function, reducing hair loss while re-establishing the normal life cycle of the hair, resulting in natural regrowth and vigour. Regular treatment provides nourishing elements that are essential for the germination of hair follicles.
In doing this the lotion recreates the conditions for new and healthy hair growth, slowing hair loss and re-establishing the normal life cycle of the hair. Baldness recedes and the hair thickens. Dandruff together with any scalp dermatitis disappears. The results may vary from person to person depending on age and physique but they are always significant and tangible. The RINASCITA Radicchio Lotion can treat the following problems by using it at different intervals:
Stage 1 → daily for 4 weeks
Stage 2 → 3 times a week for 5 weeks
Stage 3 → once a week to maintain results
Stage 1 → daily for 6 months
Stage 2 → 4 times a week for 4 months
Stage 3 → once a week to maintain results
If you have strong, healthy hair a single application of the lotion each week is

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  • The RINASCITA Radicchio Lotion is not a shampoo and should be applied onto dry hair. Radicchio Shampoo (BELLEZZA or CARISMA) should only be used at the end of each treatment.
  • First, close your eyes and breathe deeply: a state of relaxation will help open the pores leading to the hair follicle, increasing the effectiveness of the lotion. Loosen the spout, apply a generous quantity of the lotion onto the scalp and massage it in vigorously for at least 5 minutes.
  • Using the fingertips press down firmly on the skin rotating in a circular movement, changing the pressure zone frequently. Do not rub it in as it will only result in hair damage. Never allow the skin to become too dry during the massage and re-apply at intervals of approximately one minute.
  • Allow the lotion to take effect for a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 3 hours, and take the opportunity to relax.
  • Finally rinse the hair with the Radicchio Shampoo (BELLEZZA or CARISMA) that has been specially formulated for a complementary effect.
  • N.B. Do not apply on broken skin.

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