Take care of yourself starting from your hair

Are you looking for a natural solution to strengthen your hair?
Radicchio Trichological Treatment is a complete cosmetic treatment for your hair and scalp. A specific treatment which nourishes your hair and rebalances your scalp, favouring a general psycho-physical balance.

We invite you to spend the time needed for the treatment doing something you truly enjoy. By relaxing your body and muscles, you’ll help opening your hair pockets, increasing the lotion efficacy, and by relieving your thoughts you’ll enjoy your time.

How to use the Radicchio Treatment: your new hair beauty routine

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine that the environment around you is painted with your favouring colour. Now visualize a natural image, and image that gives you a deep relaxing sensation, and continue to breathe.

Follow these simple steps to free your mind from stressful and negative thoughts.

Application and massage

Moisten your scalp with the lotion, massaging it vigorously for at least 5 minutes. With rotatory movements, press your fingertips on the scalp and apply the lotion once every minute. Do not rub your hair, or you’ll damage it.

Leave the lotion on for 30 minutes – 3 hours, depending on how much time you have. The important thing is to maintain this relaxing state and to enjoy this moment for yourself.

The wait: your regained time

In the mean time, do something you enjoy.
Read a book, cook, watch a movie, go for a run, sip a tea with your friends, drink a glass of wine… Choose how to enjoy this time: it is yours, live it!

Take your time to gain back your well-being and balance.

A touch of beauty

After the treatment is completed, rinse your hair with our women’s and men’s shampoos. Haircare products designed to be combined with the Radicchio-based Lotion.

Radicchio treatment in detail

The Radicchio Trichological Treatment includes the Radicchio-based “Rinascita” and “Rito” Lotions – hydroalcoholic herb infusions – the Radicchio “Bellezza” and “Carisma” Shampoos, and the Natural “Sogno” and “Segno” Shampoo, physiological pH cleaners which complete the lotion’s effect.

The treatment takes its name after the radicchio Cychorium Intybus, the main ingredient of the first formulas, to which we added other ingredients over the years.

With a new and improved recipe, today we prepare our Radicchio Lotions with dozens of freshly chopped herbs macerated in alcohol for ninety days.

Rinascita” and “Rito” are accompanied by specific shampoos, which enhance the lotions’ beneficial effects.

The Radicchio Trichological Treatment is truly unique.

Perfect to enhance the health and beauty of all kinds of hair, it is ideal for all common hair issues: baldness, hair loss, dandruff, seborrhoea, telogen effluvium…

“It is a natural cosmetic treatment without adverse effects and allergens. It is not a drug and it does not contain chemical additives.”

“Having healthy hair is just a matter of choice. Think about it!”

What are the effects of the Radicchio Treatment

Hair issues are not all the same. Their origins are very diverse: hormones, viruses, psychology.

Hair growth depends on the balance of germinative, sebaceous and biological functions of the hair and scalp. When this balance is compromised, and the hair does not grow or gets thinner, it is possible to intervene with hygienic/cosmetic treatments to normalize the different functions.

The Radicchio Trichological Treatment is ideal to solve all hair and scalp problems, both in men and women:

  • it cleanses impurities and greasy substances
  • it increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients, by stimulating the scalp blood microcirculation
  • it supplies mineral salts, and iron, copper, zinc and sulphur in particular
  • it supplies useful vitamins, such as vitamin A, B, C, E, PP, H.

By supplying all these benefits, the Radicchio Trichological Treatment stimulates the hair follicles and their normal life cycle. Soon, a clear down will grow, which will be then replaced by stronger and darker hair. After a certain period of time, the hair life cycle will return to normal, while dandruff and seborrhoea will disappear, leaving a healthy scalp.

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